tour NR 1


This is the park, it was opened by our queen Wilhelmina and named after her the - wilhelmina plantsoen-

There is a small island in the park that is full of birds nests. It's a lot more more tree as island.

Some new houses next to the park.

The sea wall, before the people turned the southern sea into the ijselmeer it was a real sea. This wall was all that separated town from sea.

The camping is next to the park the beach sprookjeswonderland and the buitenmuseum.

This way to the beach. :D

A bit of the sea wall.

Part of my bike and the park.

The sea wall and the camping.

The buitenmuseum is a re-build out of even older houses that fell apart around the ijselmeer. It's Greet to see, but I'm not allowed to take pictures sorry. :)

Next to the park we have a nice playground.


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